Maria Sharapova’s wall of achievements does not include any superior diploma, as her highest level of education is high school; she completed the program online through Keystone National High School. However, this has not stopped this successful 28-year-old Russian tennis player to become the “most marketable female athlete” of 2015. 

Sharapova went on to beat her closest runner-up, Serena Williams, topping Forbes’s list of highest earning athletes.  Her earnings rose up to $29.7 million from June 2014 to June this year.  This will be the 11th year in a row that the super athlete tops Forbes’s list.

In the words of her agent, Max Eisenbud, Maria Sharapova may not have a major diploma but she has a “PhD in sports marketing without even attending college.”  These words might have proven true for Sharapova as she has managed to keep up the great work through the years.  Her portfolio includes some of the most impressive achievements for an athlete, earning bonuses to her value and her sponsors. 

Last year she won the French Open which added significant value and kicked in a stronger support from her principal sponsor: Nike.   Other valuable sponsors include Head, Porsche, Avon Products, and Evian.

Sharapova not only plays tennis and gets revenues from publicity, endorsements, and sport prizes – she also has her own candy line named “Sugarpova,” launched in 2012. It has doubled in sales over the last twelve months.  She recently celebrated three years of her product line’s existence (August 25) by announcing that the brand plans to add chocolate chips to the line of sweets. 

Maria Sharapova is a brand in herself.  Now she is an accomplished athlete with several more years to come on the court.  We will definitively be hearing more about this gorgeous Russian-born tennis player for years to come. 

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