Different Types of Exercises

Different Types of Exercises

To make your body vigorous, there are many different types of exercises. But there are 5 main exercises which are very well known among many people and also seem to have the maximum effect. These 5 exercises are considered as the best because these exercises not only help in developing a physique but also help in healthy functioning of the heart and other body parts. These 5 exercises are

Walking or Running in Fresh Air- This exercise makes the body fit. It helps in promoting good circulation of blood throughout the whole body and helps in maintaining a healthy heart. You can try to perform this exercise near a park or hilly area where you can enjoy the fresh air as well. 

Plank- Plank is also a best exercise which affects the whole body. It’s a powerful segregation movement which is also used in Pilates and Yoga. It maintains the fitness of your back, legs, arms, back, abs and also internal body parts. It also helps improve your strength. 

Chin-ups and pull-ups are also essential exercise which you can include in your daily routine. These exercises help in making your arms stronger. It also helps in strengthening your shoulders.

Squats: Squat is also another best exercise which can be performed easily by people of all age. It makes your body healthy, strengthens and stretches in a desired manner. It helps in frequent movement of the body parts and energizes the whole body.

Pushups: This is one among the toughest exercise among the above stated exercises. It provides shape to your body with muscles as well as heart functions. It also strengthens your arms, shoulders and triceps. 

Posted by Tim Mathews 8/12/15

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