Exercises That Will Transform Your Body

Exercises That Will Transform Your Body

Are you on the lookout for some great exercises that will help in transforming your body? Well, if so in this article I will be sharing with you a great fun yet simple exercises which are bound to transform your body.

Before I start sharing with you these exercises you should, first of all, ensure that you have a plan in place. Prior to doing any of this exercise, do ensure that you warm up for at least five minutes. You can do this by simply jogging or even performing high knees, do each of the moves once and then run a quarter very fast. That out of the way, here are the exercises.

Up and Down

For this exercise, start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Once that has been established, crouch with both your hands touching the grounds. Your hands should be in front of you. Get back into a plank position by jumping feet back. Now do pushups then jump feet forward. Now jump straight up then do the whole process for 30 seconds.

Army Crawl

For this exercise, lie with your face facing the ground and start moving forward using your hips, elbows, as well as your toes. Move forward for at least 30 seconds.

Weighted Push-Up

Start in a plank position. Also, ensure that your toes are placed on a sturdy chair or bench with your hands firmly on the ground. Do ensure that your arms are straight when doing this exercise. While keeping your elbows close to your body, do a few push-ups. Continue for 30 seconds.

Posted by Joe Duty 5/31/15

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