How Does Donkey Kick Exercise Benefit You?

How Does Donkey Kick Exercise Benefit You?

While its name sounds a little funny, the donkey kick exercise can really be helpful in making your hip and lower back muscles stronger. This eponymous exercise is indeed inspired by the kicking style of donkeys.

The most awesome thing about this exercise is that it makes no use of any equipment. Hence, even if you are not feeling like going to gym today, you can do this exercise right in your living room or bedroom.

This exercise helps in making your gluteus (glutes) stronger. Glutes are the chunkiest and sturdiest muscles in the body. However, owing to our sedentary lifestyle, these muscles become weaker, resulting in the weakness in the lower body. Unfortunately, weak glutes also result in too much stress on the pelvis which in turn affects your overall body posture. Because of this the spine strength also gets affected. By strengthening the glutes, you can take care of these problems.

This exercise also helps in making your hamstrings stronger. Just like glutes, hamstring also supports your lower body and hence it must remain strong. If you have enrolled into a gym, the instructor will make you do several exercises to strengthen the hamstrings. However, if you don’t have any time to go to gym, you can do the donkey kick exercise at the home.

Since this exercise works on glutes and hamstrings, it makes your lower back stronger. If you have persistence lower back pain problem, you can take care of it to a great extent by doing this exercise regularly. Mix this exercise with push-ups and you will see some really good health results.



Posted by Emily Joy 7/3/15

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