Ameer Abdullah of the Lions Demoted

Ameer Abdullah of the Lions Demoted

The Detroit Lions have maintained a running game that has helped them clinch win after win. However, their lineup has undergone several changes and most notable is the demotion of Ameer Abdullah as the starting running back. Tion Green and Theo Riddick have been the major players in Ameer’s stead. There is still much speculation surrounding the reasons for his demotion, and Ameer expressed that it was frustrating, but he intends to grow from the demotion and regain his position as the starting running back.

Neck Injury

Detroit Lions picked Ameer in the second round of the 2015 draft with the hopes that his balance and speed would make the Lions eligible for a shot at the title. He came in as Barry Sanders replacement, but he has not been able to produce a 100-yard rushing game. In the 2017 season, Ameer had 151 carries for 513 yards, which translates to 3.4 yards per carrying (YPC), 23 receptions for 146 yards, and four touchdowns.

In week 12, he suffered a neck injury, and Theo Riddick stepped in for Ameer. For the three weeks, Riddick made 27 carries for 99 yards, which is 3.7 YPC, 14 catches and for 117 yards and three touchdowns. Despite rookie Tion Green getting in on the action, Riddick seems to be the better bet to fill the shoes of Reggie Bush who perfected the 100-yard rushing game for the Lions.


Another reason for Ameer’s demotion could be the frequency in which he turned the ball over. He had his second fumble against the Green Bay Packers, though not as costly as they won the game. However, this is a minor issue, and it could not be seen as the reason for Ameer’s demotion. Despite fumbles that could cost them the game in the future, Lion’s offensive coordinator, Jim Bob Cooter, expects Ameer to get back to form soon.

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