Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo played through injury to awesome victory

Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo played through injury to awesome victory

Tony Romo, the Cowboys quarter-back had been an injury doubt all week with two fractured vertebrae in his back but nevertheless he made sure 'America's Team' put on a good show in their first London visit as he completed 20-of-27 passes for 246 yards and three touchdowns.

Tony Romo played through the pain to lead the Dallas Cowboys to a 31-17 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars in the third NFL games at Wembley. This was the last of this year’s NFL games in London.

Dez Bryant definitely deserves a huge share of the credit, with the burly wide receiver breaking endless tackles to add yards to the throws Romo was making, finishing up with 158 receiving yards and two scores.

For the Jaguars, playing the second of four games, it was a second heavy defeat in London on the back of last year's 42-10 loss to San Francisco.

If the Jaguars’ had any hope of any other outcome it was lost completely before kick-off when Tony Romo was confirmed as the starting quarter-back for the Dallas Cowboys.

If anyone could have put pressure on Romo it should have been The Jaguars but instead the Dallas offensive line stood firm, with Romo and Bryant teamed up to do most of the rest.

A further three games are scheduled for next season, and officials said it might have been more were it not for the logistical problems created by the Rugby World Cup.


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