Mike Pettine On Johnny Manziel State Of Play

Mike Pettine On Johnny Manziel State Of Play

With the offseason coming to an end very soon, there is a high belief among Browns’ players and the management that Johnny Manziel will be exceptional this season. All thorough out the offseason workout sessions Manziel has shown his determination of being the best once he steps on the field, something that his coach Mike Pettine has taken note off.

While speaking about Manziel ad his recent frustration about his play regardless of whether or not is bad or good, Pettine said that he is definitely “hard on himself” and that he wants to be more great on the field. 

Manziel’s frustration on his game was evident on Thursday while taking part during the teams organized activities on Thursday last week.

“At the moment Manziel just wants to be perfect,” Pettine said adding that he is irked sometimes with even the team’s positive plays. 

The number two quarterback for the Browns has been showing some flashes of greatness over the past few days and especially during the teams organized workout sessions. That said he has in some occasions struggled with his accuracy for instance in one of the team’s 2 minute practice sessions drill Manziel went for 3 for 6.   

With Manziel working hard in ensuring that he perfect his game once he steps on the field, it will be nice to see how he will be able to carry this momentum forward and better if it will pay off in the end. 


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