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PGA Honda Classic: Feb. 25-28 2016

If you are a golf fan, you are already planning to get your ticket for the PGA Honda Classic in 2016. The tournament will bring together the best players in the world while providing quality entertainment for the entire community. It takes place on February 22-28, 2016 in Palm Beach County, and it…

Packing Tips For That Epic Golf Trip You Are Planning

So you have finally convinced your friends to accompany you on that epic golf trip that you have been working on and wanting for months and months, now the big challenge that you are faced off this time around is ensuring that you have packed everything that you and your buddies will need. As simple…

Packing Tips For That Epic Golf Trip You Are Planning

Planning on going for a golf trip anytime soon? Well, if so, it is very important that you pack adequately. In this article, we will be picking up where we left of in our first article “Packing Tips For That Epic Golf Trip You Are Planning” and give you other tips that you should always…